Admission, Policies and Requirements

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Admission/ Entrance Requirements

Provide a copy of their high school Diploma or G.E.D. For a student that has immigrated to the United States and cannot provide an actual copy of high school diploma or equivalent, the applicant will be required to write a statement certifying the completion of high school or equivalent or enrolled in a GED Program*.

Attend Orientation Class

Students who do not speak English have to be enrolled in an English Second Language (ESL) program.

Provide a State issue Picture Identification and or Social Security Card at time of enrollment.

*GED Testing Location
Community College Of Denver | North Campus
6221 Downing Street | Denver, CO 80216

Contact: Anita Schervish
303.289.2243 phone | 303.289.1044 fax
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transfer Students

There is a $50.00 application fee for students transferring to Cuttin-Up Beauty Academy. Applicants who transfer into Cosmetology, Barber, Hairstyling, Manicure and Esthetics are considered on an individual basis There is a additional 20% tuition fee for student transfer from out of state. Cuttin Up Beauty Academy may, at its discretion, refuse a transfer if admission requirements are not met, including transcripts and tuition money transfer credit accept are count as both attempted and completed credits. Our school does not recruit any student currently attending another school of Barbering or Cosmetology. The academy does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with the other institution.

Health and Physical Considerations

Generally the professional in the beauty field must be in good physical health for he/she will be working in direct contract with patrons. Most tasks in the beauty culture require a great deal of standing, walking, pushing, bending and stretching, sometimes for a long period of time.

Prospective students must consider their physical limitations in terms of making a career choice that involves the kind of extensive training that is involved in the study and practice of Cosmetology. We promote the acceptance of students with physical limitations or disabilities if these students believe they can fulfill the training demands.

School Security / Crime Awareness

School Security: The Academy has two exits: One is located on the north side of the building. This exit is locked at all times and use for emergency exit only. The other exit is located on the south side of the building, which is on Colfax. This exit is unlocked at 9:50am and is locked at 5:30pm. All clients/ visitors enters the Academy at this location and must check in at front desk.

Crime Awareness: The Academy does not tolerate criminal activity. No drugs, alcohol, weapons, or criminal activities are allowed on school grounds. The school is well patrolled by school and local officials at all times. Failure to comply will result in suspension of program.

Enrollment Policy & Dates, Procedures

Prospective students are asked to come into the Academy, pick up a copy of the school catalogue and tour the facilities. C.U.B.A with contact prospective students to schedule an appointment to discuss their Enrollment Application, beginning and ending dates of program terms, and discuss payment options available. All Admission Requirements must be complete before student can start school. Classes start the first Tuesday of every month. Late enrolments will be accepted up until the first Friday of the month.

Re-Enrollment Policy

Re-enrollment to Cuttin’ Up Beauty Academy requires that student sign a re enrollment contract, re-enter in the same progress status as when they left, all outstanding financial obligations must be satisfied prior to re-enrollment unless payment arrangements have been made and tuition will be assessed at credit rate. The credits are valid indefinitely; however, the academy maintains files on withdrawn student for five (5) years only.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Cuttin’ Up Beauty Academy (C.U.B.A), in its admissions, instruction, and graduation policies, practices no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, financial status, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

Orientation Classes

Orientation classes are held on the first day of school. All new students, transfer students and re-enrolled students are required to attend. Orientation include Course outline, Education objective, Administrative polices affecting student and Student support services.

Handicapped Students

Access for handicapped students to the academy facilities is not avaAt the present time, access for handicapped students to the academy facilities is limited, Currently, this institution does not offer special facilities or programs for the handicapped.

Student Information Release Policy

The Cuttin Up Beauty Academy requires written authorization from a student, graduate or legal guardian of a minor in order to release academic, attendance, enrollment status, and financial and/or any other information to a 3rd party . No information directory shall be published without the written consent of the student or the legal guardian of a minor. Student files are kept in a metal fire resistant, locked cabinet in administrator’s office. Students, legal guardian of a minor and other institution records. may have access to student files by appointment only; however, a staff member must be present. There is a $1 fee to student per copy.

Drug Abuse Prevention Program

The following information is available for all CUTTIN UP BEAUTY ACADEMY INC. staff, students and instructors. Anyone seeking information, counseling, or assistance may check student board or with the office administrator.